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Important Subscription Details Billing occurs monthly with all plans. These subscription plans are exclusively for activations by individual consumers. U.S. monthly plan prices do not include: the federal Universal Service Fund Fee and any applicable state and local taxes. Non-U.S. plans include all applicable VAT. Overages are charged for any text messages, tracking points, and location pings that exceed what the user’s plan allows. Annual plans require a 12-month contract. There is a one-time $19.95 subscription activation fee. Moving up a plan is free, and moving down a plan incurs a $24.95 fee. Freedom plans require a minimum 30-day commitment and you can move freely up and down a plan at no charge. When going up a plan, a minimum commitment of 30 days to the new plan is required. You can suspend your service on a monthly basis at no charge and still retain access to all your inReach data stored on the Explore portal. Your selected plan will auto-renew each month unless you make a change on your account in the Explore portal. There is an annual program fee of $24.95 to enroll in a Freedom plan. Prices subject to change. inReach devices require an active satellite subscription plan to functionnd edit me. It's easy.