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1 Year Service Agreement

No Credit Check

No Equipment Fee

No Activation Fee

No Sim card Fee

One year Subscription required

$100 Rebate thru ACH

Overnight Shipping

2 Minutes installation

100% Support

1TB Unlimited Data 

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■    Paperless Billing. You are consenting to receive your bill electronically and will not receive a paper bill. You can review your paperless bill by accessing your account at or by following the link provided in your notification e-mail or text message. You can print a copy of your bill for free and request a mailed copy of your bill. You can update your billing preferences in your account at Please read the complete Paperless Billing Terms & Conditions available at  http://www.NATOmobile/termsandcondition.
■    Unless otherwise required by law, you may request a refund of a service deposit after 12 months (with simple interest at the rate required by law) if your account has remained in good standing. You agree that NATO mobile™ can apply service deposits to any amounts you owe on any account, and NATOmobile™ may require you to replenish your service deposit amount.
■    Your “Agreement” with NATO mobile includes: (a) this Service Agreement; (b) NATO mobile™’s “Terms and Conditions”; and (c) any terms specific to your rate plan or service. If you have DIGITS service, your “Agreement” also includes the DIGITS Terms of Use (“DIGITS TOU”), which contains important limitations on 9-1-1 Emergency Service availability and reliability when using DIGITS, and information about user access to call information and text messages for shared DIGITS lines. You can obtain copies of NATO mobile’s Terms and Conditions and your rate plan’s specific terms at ( for Puerto Rico customers), and, if applicable, you can obtain copies of the DIGITS TOU at, or by calling Customer Care at  . You agree you have received and read your Agreement. The English version of this Agreement will control over any other version.
■    Disputes. NATO mobile™ requires ARBITRATION OF DISPUTES UNLESS YOU OPT OUT WITHIN 30 DAYS OF ACTIVATION. See NATO mobile’s Terms and Conditions for details, at
■    Cancellation and Return Policy. You may cancel your rate plan by going back to the original point of purchase and returning all Devices you acquired with your activation within 14 days from your activation (Cancellation Period).
■    You authorize NATO mobile™ and its agents to obtain information about your credit history and to share that information with credit reporting agencies.
■    If you are signing on behalf of a company, you represent that you are authorized to sign. If you are not authorized to sign, NATOmobile™ can collect amounts due directly from you without first proceeding against the company.

■    You elect to enroll in AutoPay. You authorize NATOmobile™ to automatically debit/charge your bank account/debit/credit card on a monthly recurring basis in the
full amount of your monthly statement (“AutoPay”) no earlier than 2 days before your statement due date until you terminate AutoPay at . Autopay may take up to 2 cycles to begin. You authorize  NATOmobile to store your payment method for future payments by you and any verified users. Notify us of billing errors at least 4 days before the due date and we will attempt to correct the error before the next AutoPay.


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